Card and Payments

Cards - Cards market has never been so much competitive due to ever evolving complexities. Across the world credit card industry has picked up steam due to increased consumer credit spending. Further predicted to grow by manifolds due to:

 ●  New retail options
 ●  Mobile Payments
 ●  Wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay
 ●  More ways for consumer and commercial payments
 ●  Interchange being rethought
 ●  Network Innovations

Payments - Payments Industry is synonymous with Rapid Evolution and this evolution has grown exponentially in the recent times. This calls for deep domain understanding along with out of box perspectives. Iquadra is uniquely positioned in the payments industry with the extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise to provide optimal solutions to its esteemed partners.

iQuadra Advantage :
 ●  Strong Experience and Deep Expertise in Application Development , Maintenance and Testing
 ●  Knowledge across payment ecosystem like POS, ATM, Switch, Loyalty, Data warehousing and
 Payment Applications
 ●  Specialist Consultants to assist and enable world class deliveries
 ●  Onshore and offshore Delivery Models to deliver cost effective solutions
 ●  Significant advantage for Time to market by valuable business Insights