Date Posted:  Aug 10th 2018
Title: Sr. Software Developer
- A foundation of technical knowledge coupled with business management in IT Services industry with core expertise in building products or applications, possessing experience in business requirements gathering, documenting and ability to implement the technicalities to the tee, with a minimum of BS Degree in Computer Science, BS Degree in Electronics or a minimum of any BS Degree coupled with prior progressively applicable programming experience.
- A minimum of 3 years of prior work experience working with an application development or product development (preferable but not mandatory), demonstrating experience in delivering systems and projects from inception through implementation
- Partner with application directors and creators to ensure each project meets a specific need and resolves successfully
- Assume responsibility for project tasks and ensure they are completed in a timely fashion
- Evaluate, test and recommend new opportunities for enhancing our software, hardware and IT processes
- Compile and distribute reports on application development and deployment
- Design and execute A/B testing procedures to extract data from test runs
- Evaluate and draw conclusions from data related to customer behavior, Consult with the executive team and the IT department on the newest technology and its implications in the industry
- Developing code base on reading and understanding product specifications by strictly following Agile process
- Understand Natural language processing (NLP) and use python programs to enhance the Artificial Intelligence of the product in works.
- Design, develop and maintain plug and play mechanism of running and re-running the test case scenarios without manual intervention.
- Ensure the data integrity testing functionality is implemented across distributed database environments, like, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.
- Product capability enhancement to seamlessly integrate with Atlasian Suite of products like JIRA and Confluence
- Enhance product capability to integrate with applications on Cloud as well as On-premise with minimal customizations
- Enhance products capability to work on Mobile, Desktop and Web platforms.
Job Location:   Atlanta GA
Contact:   Send resume to iQuadra Information Services LLC, address: 1700 Water Place SE, Suite 304, Atlanta, GA 30339

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