Latest development in the mobile workspace provides lot many opportunities to support the existing products/solutions. Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid of both are the different strategies which we are expert into. Blend of native and web approach saves the cost with code re-use capabilities.Applications are written in Web languages (HTML5, CSS and JS) and then packaged in a natively installable format.

Based on the specific business functionalities and challenges, we use either of the approach for the better stability of the product.

Mobile App Development - With the wide variety of operating systems, device types, screen sizes, device features & functionalities and customer requirements, we define the Development. We have a strong expertise in Mobile frameworks with value-driven agile delivery processes to help execute a mobile strategy.

Mobile App Testing - We do both Functional and Non functional testing. Our Functional includes Real time device testing on the apps and also validate on the UI using simulators. Non Functional testing on web and native apps are also our core areas of testing.