Set up your Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and let you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business, where you can:

  • ► Get to know your customers: Keep track of customers’ purchase histories automatically, send digital receipts, and collect instant feedback to improve your service.
  • ► Do it all in SEI Dashboard: Sign in from any device and compare results day over day, or year over year, to see what’s working best.
  • ► Make more informed business decisions: Get real-time sales reports by item or tender type, and search refunds, discounts, and comps. Filter reports by employee, location, and POS device.
  • ► Keep your inventory in stock: Adjust the stock of all your items and add item descriptions by different modifiers, sizes, and SKUs.


Save time and money: SEI has no hidden fees and no long-term contracts-you just pay for card processing with selective processors which our system integrated, so you can focus on your business more.

Invoicing made easy: Send custom invoices straight from your POS on a mobile device or from your laptop right to your customers’ inboxes.

Fraud prevention and data security: Front-line fraud protection tracks fraud trends and works to shield you and your business from fraudulent cards. Plus, complimentary PCI compliance keeps your data and your customers card data safe using Semi Integrated model.

Support: Our highly trained support team is available via phone or email. Or you can visit the Support Center 24/7 to find useful tips, articles, and thorough video walkthroughs.


We believe in Trust, Values, Expertise, Integrity, Focus and Scalability and we have following dedicated teamwho believes in those core values:

  • ► 45 - Software Development and QA Engineers.
  • ► 8 - Product Owners.
  • ► 12 - Sales Executive.
  • ► 14 - Technical Support Engineers.
  • ► 18 - Implementation Engineers.
  • ► And Management team (CTO/SVP/VP/Directors).

Set up your Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment..