Retail industry is now one of the most competitive and fast growing industries. Along with competition, the leading customers also need to take care of the huge transactional data. Again, new technologies such as mobile and social media have increased the consumer experience, expectation and preferences. Retailers who harness the potential to grow with Brick and Click will be the ones who will have their feet firmly in place in this cut-throat competition.

At iQuadra, we provide complete business solutions to our retail customers. We specialize in applying technologies such as Omni-Channel Commerce, Mobility and Analytics to enhance the customer and end user experience in the products we develop. We have partnered with some of the world's largest retail chains in the development, release and maintenance of their critical big data systems. We have also provided solution to the customer mobile requirements as well as application upstream and downstream connectivity.

Customer Master Data Management - Data Integration and Cleansing!

The Customer Master Data is more of extracting the customer information from various business units of retail business and recording the information into a centralized data store for furthering the marketing campaigns, promotional events, doing spent analytics of the customers, identifying the geographic locations of the customer based on IP localization to enhance the quality of business and improve the profitability.

iQuadra enabled USPSlinkage host services to track customer moves, personified customer households by pre identified DIY demographic elements that include age group, household income, property age etc., built a self-maintained customer master data quality host engine by adding batch processes that gears in duplicate removal, contact method standardization and profile retention. Facilitated enrichment of B2B customer profiles with top of the line Firmographics information i.e. Organization & Management hierarchies, Business age, YTD revenue etc. Ordinated 24X7 real time operational customer profile via high available Cassandra Cache, Also ordinated analytics platforms via Talend Sqoop services onto Enterprise warehouse.

IT Solutions for Retail Customers

Retail industry is now one of the most competitive and fast growing industries.