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iQuadra has long been developing solutions in the Science & Technology domain, mainly in the space technologies. We have partnered with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), one of the largest space research organizations in the world, in developing IT solutions for their mission critical projects.

DigiFlight - Digitized Flight Tracking Analytics

A challenging task of data mining project was successfully show cased to one of our clients related to Science & Technology. The data sitting on different storage devices dating back from 1970's all the way to the new digital storage was mined, crunched and produced onto the console for the new engineers for learning and analyzing various factors that affect the flight path.

The data fed from various tracking devices located across the nation captured by Siemens products were sent to Mainframe storage devices for the real-time tracking scenarios. This scientific data that includes varying, longitude, latitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, along with the four major forces weight, thrust, center of gravity, lift and drag and many other scientific parameters calibrated and sent by the tracking devices all get into the Mainframe servers, which are batch processed on a nightly basis into the DigiFlight for eventual visual analytics.

iQuadra team of engineers took up this engagement with thorough insight to pass on the Subject Matter expertise to our Information Technology professionals and analysts for furthering the need to have a well-designed dashboard for Visual Analytics and an easy presentation for the new Fresh of the boat scientists to deliver better results to our Science & Technology Customer.

With a full blown Open Source technology stack that included, Linux as Operating System, Java, Python, Hive, Hadoop, High Performing Map Reduce jobs, Solr (For faster search from avalanche of data), and HTML5 for UI representation, iQuadra techies were able to deliver this work with a record time of 3 months. With the amount of knowledge grasping involved and understanding of all the scientific terms, iQuadra's IT professionals did a commendable job in order to deliver the customer a product which convinced them to take it up and implement the same for the entire enterprise.

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iQuadra has long been developing solutions in the Science & Technology domain...