In our ever-shrinking world transportation plays a vital role for almost every branch of human activity ranging from business and supplies to tourism and leisure. iQuadra helps customers leverage technology to comprehensively, innovatively and cost-effectively address their most pressing business needs. We have provided complete business solutions which include transformational services in enterprise systems, process re-engineering, specialized transport sector IT products and transaction processing systems. Our solutions cater to the entire value chain of the following industries:
We have partnered with our customer to build a completely new and industry leading solution for the trucking industry which will immensely help the drivers and operators in maintaining and transacting documents as well as maintaining their performance records to ride on top of the industry demand. The solution aims to make each and every transaction and communication between the drivers and operators online to ramp up efficiency thus helping in better turn over for the stakeholders. The solution has both Web and Mobile components for the end users use. The mobile solution will help the drivers receiving and servicing work orders on the go thus dynamically increasing their efficiency.

Our Achievements:

  • Complete Application Development, following the principles of Software Development Life Cycle model.

  • Implementation of reporting and bulk data processing functionality in the solution.

  • Implementation of new advanced technologies in the solution.
We have partnered with our customer to develop solutions for the critical aircraft IT systems, in accordance with the industry standard DO-178B and ARP4754 guidelines and transportation protocols like A429, AFDX, CAN, RS422, RS232 and MIL-1553B. We have the expertise in using the model-based development approach for developing the various avionics IT products:

Our Achievements:

  • Development of Cabin Pressure Control System for Airbus A350XWB

  • Development of scripts for Automation Testing of Aircraft Systems

  • Development of Simulators for testing Aircraft Systems

  • Involved in Model based development and testing of Aircraft Simulation Models

  • Complete verification and validation of Software and Hardware systems as per DO-178B and ARP-4754

  • Involved in testing of multiple Line Replaceable Units of Aircraft like Digital Flight Control Computer, Air Data Computer and Actuators

  • Created Data Analysis software for analyzing data from Crash Data Recorder of Aircraft.

Cutting Edge Products for the Transportation and Avionics Customers

In our ever-shrinking world transportation plays a vital role for almost every...