iQuadra Information Services LLC., is a Development, Technology, and Research consulting company, founded by highly experienced and qualified team, focusing on strategic consulting & streamlining Enterprise Business and Technology processes using highly efficient solutions in terms of performance and longevity, with cost effective strategies.

iQuadra provides technology and information services to its esteemed clients and is committed to delivering innovative solutions for them. With deep industry expertise and proven experience in consulting and Outsourcing, iQuadra has the skills and technologies needed to deliver tangible solutions with measurable results.

Through a repeatedly successful track record, iQuadra has earned the unique reputation of an IT consulting firm.

iQuadra is technology driven company providing services globally for the customers with a track record high quality and cost effective model with on time deliveries. Specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning, Database Services, Business Intelligence and Java technologies, providing project implementation, consulting services and staffing services.

iQuadra invests 20% of its revenue in research and development focusing to reduce the cost and the timelines for the customers.

Value Proposition

Strong Executive Commitment and exposure to Oracle ERP

The executive team at iQuadra has extensive exposure to the Oracle ERP domain and this makes a difference in our solutions

High-performance Implementation Team

A dedicated team with a thorough understanding of business processes and best practice requirements

Team is empowered and nurtured by the continued support of the Executive Steering Committee

Effective Project Management and Scope Control

Comprehensive project planning and adherence to the planned scope

Timeline and Quality adherence

Workarounds and business process form predominant part of the solutions for any identified functionality gaps

Early User Involvement

Early training and business user involvement to gain commitment & support

Solution validation and ultimate adoption to the new system

Cost Effective Model with dedicated experienced resources

Engagement Models

Onsite Delivery: iQuadra employees working out of the customer premises associating with the full-time associates of customer. Our high skilled employees provide both solutions and work in alignment with the architectural cum design decisions taken by the associates of customers to deliver work.

Onsite and Near Shore Delivery: iQuadra SME's working out of Customer premises working in conjunction with the associates of customer to discover, gather requirements, document and have the near shore associates deliver the work, be it hands-on development or Quality Assurance, all the way till deployment.

Onsite, Near Shore and Offshore: A model that is increasingly being embraced by the clients with the adoption of Agile and Extreme Programming techniques for rapid paced development. An extension to Engagement Model 2, wherein, the Onsite and Near Shore professionals converge and understand the requirements thoroughly, does development and Quality Analysis. The near shore iQuadra employee(s) will contact the iQuadra offshore employees to pass on the required information for the Offshore to continue the work during the off-hours and deliver the same back to the onshore employees. Ensuring 24x7 work schedule.

Onsite and Offshore: A solution more prevalent but customers showing increasing focus towards more Onshore development efforts, Solution/Service Providers are more forced to establish near shore development centers for Quality delivery.


A Quality ingrained in iQuadra. Understand the business and become subject matter experts to deliver results that will outweigh expectations of the customers. Customers in this world need not just automation of existing processes but a guiding partner in evolving with the latest


Coupled with the Insight obtained, iQuadra advocates our team of professionals to use their experience and beyond. The act of creating something beyond what is presently known is presented to the customer, often a matter of unexpected variation from what was implemented before


The Insights obtained and Imaginative approach to produce multiple solutions/techniques, are complimented effectively, with the innovative usage of, avalanche of technologies, products - licensed and open-source, iQuadra's own proprietary state-of-the-art products/automation scripts


The Subject Matter expertise, the finalization of the solution out of the multiple ways to achieve the end result, the usage of technologies as per the architectural design agreed upon, the guiding pointers that are well documented enables the technical team, the actual implementers.

Empowering Businesses Thru Sutras of iQuadra