iQCodeGen : ROI

Features of iQCodeGen

iQCodeGen, a tool to generate code for conversions and interfaces with very less Lifigirt.arDdereinselito be used by functional user with very little knowledge in


Simple step to configure the business rules

Generates code on click of a button for Conversions and Interfaces

What You See Is What You Get. Business User Friendly

Build business and technical rules and generate code for the same on fly

Generate documentation on the code generated by iQCodeGen

Schedule / Run the job to load data from a flat file on the desktop or from the server to the staging tables without technical support

Schedule / Run the job to just validate the data in the staging table and rectify the errors before loading in interface tables

Reduces the testing time

Seamlessly integrated with Oracle Applications

Pain Areas in the Interfaces and Data Conversions

Business rules varies from company to company and so code can not be re-used

Considerable time is taken to develop the code to match the business rules

Any changes to the business rules will take additional testing time

Reading / going through the code to understand the business rules is time consuming

Repository is not user friendly to go through the functional / technical document to understand the requirements

Custom code is distributed across the company and tough to maintain a repository at a centralized location

Maintaining documentation is the repository is a pain Dependency of the technical resource for day to day running the interface Validating the data before pushing the data into interface tables

Technology Used

Oracle Forms


Oracle Report

XML Publisher

Oracle Applications Standards and Guidelines

Tool can be deployed in OA 11.5.10 and R12 versions


iQCodeGen, a tool to generate code for conversions and interfaces